Managed Call Center for Supporters,

Events, Fundraising and Donations

Non-profits are important. They tackle difficult social issues and touch our lives. The biggest challenge for non-profits is accomplishing their mission when every dollar has to do the work of two, or three. Phone Support Group can play a pivotal role for charities, associations, and other non-profit organizations by providing 24/7 access when budgets are tight and every dollar counts.

Phone Support Group offers courteous, understanding, professional operators that provide information, route calls, and even walk supporters and donors through nearly everything from volunteer sign-up to campaign support; event registration to conference hotlines; joining critical mailing lists to accepting and processing donations. Phone Support Group helps you keep hope alive and services thriving.

We’re in it together. The constituents you serve depend on you and you depend on the support of your community. Phone Support Group understands this critical two-way street for non-profit organization, and regardless of size, we work efficiently and effectively, even within the most restrictive budgets.

It’s about your needs and we customize services to suit them. As your virtual receptionist, or managing your volunteer and donation hotlines, enhancing fundraising drives, coordinating event registration, we always put the best and most positive public face on your efforts.