A Telus International study shows that 67% percent of online consumers prefer to buy from companies that use live chat on their websites and 63% of respondents indicated they would return to websites with live chat. If your site is not using live chat to help increase eCommerce sales, then you company is missing the potential to close more sales and generate greater revenue.

Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency

 Even the best agent can only help one customer at a time through phone support; which means considerable manpower is needed for large e-commerce sites. With Comm100 Live Chat, agents are able to multi-task efficiently and handle multiple chats simultaneously. This means fewer agents are able to handle more support requests, which results in lower support costs and increased profits.

What is live chat support?

Live chat support helps companies interact with their customers by proactively inviting them to an online chat to provide support regarding their products or services in real-time. Chat support provides companies with an effective two-way communication system that can be utilized as an interactive customer support tool, as well as an effective marketing aid that converts browsers into buyers by providing them with sales and marketing support. Additionally, in comparison with live phone support, which requires heavy initial investment and high operating expenses, live chat support is available at a cost-effective and affordable price structure.

Live Chat Support Customer Service Agents

Live Chat Agents Available to Assist Your Business 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week.

Here is a thought:

How many additional customers could your business get if there was a kindly, professional operator attending to your calls live?

Phone Support Group's Live Chat Support allows businesses to provide sales,

customer service, and support at a whole new level.

With our Live Chat, your visitors will be able to:

  • Get answers to their questions instantly in real-time.
  • Communicate online by interacting with our operators for all kind of assistance.
  • Have easy access to a live person, even after the sale has been made.
  • Be assisted in completing sales by being guided through the process.
  • Have the facility of "Push" Pages: cause specific web pages to appear to prospective clients and visitors.