Why Outsource to Haiti?

Haiti is a fertile ground for outsourcing excellence as it provides inexpensive operational costs, an ambitious and talented labor pool, and a Western-friendly culture. Haiti is home to a large English speaking population, only an hour and half away from Florida. Technological is continuously growing and has enabled Haitians to put their educations and skills to work as virtual employees of corporations. The BPO industry is providing good jobs to many, and new opportunities to hard working residents. Most universities offer call center training and students aspire to excel at jobs that were previously confined to other countries. The Haitian call center industry is growing fast, and is ready for your business.

Affordable Pricing

Our operations centers were selected solely based on employee ability and cost-efficiency. This allows us to provide our customers with excellent services a price point that makes sense for our customers. Our goal is to serve your needs with the smartest, most suitable, and qualified employees in a cost-effective manner.

Phone Support Group takes your process and adheres to internal best practices so your project or campaign can achieve its goals. At your disposal are highly motivated, exceptionally qualified, and competently managed professional. You will receive the support you need and transparency to scale and improve.


We proudly provide our customers with timely and up to date metrics and analytical reports regarding their outsourced project or campaign.

Phone Support Group provides you with the people, management, customer service, and technology applications for you business to scale and succeed. 

Outsourcing to Haiti

Call center service is a serious profession in Haiti. Our agents are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. Most of our agents have a college-level education, and are given further training in the art of sale negation and customer service. They are also paid well to perform their services in a professional and patient manner.

Phone Support Group caters to clients from the US, Canada and Europe. The hired customer service representatives learns the foreign accent and study the geography and cultural morals of these countries. Haiti is becoming considered as one of the most competitive call center destinations in the world.