Starting with basic customer service that builds positive PR and goodwill, we take after-hours calls, outage calls, and create automated hotlines with important recorded messages. During the day we handle routine service inquiries, process payments, and handle overflow calls so you aren’t overwhelmed by volume. Internally, we respond to equipment failures, fire and gas leaks, water main breaks, and calls from customers, partners and employees to keep everyone informed and calm. PSG is there as your first line of utility customer support – 24/7. We provide a solid foundation for profitable, sustainable long-term growth and stability.

Meet your customers’ expectations

In the event of an emergency, your customers expect you to be available. Since it is ten times easier to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one, having an emergency answering service can protect your existing customer relationships. Instead of directing potential customers to your competitors, give your business the competitive edge with 24-7 live support

Industry solutions

The utility industry solutions safeguards your infrastructure, enables field personnel to file reports quickly to live operators, and assures corporate is properly notified. We document each situation, efficiently dispatch, and distribute information while coordinating with third-party contractors. From oil field equipment failures, to fires, gas leaks, water main breaks, and any other utility emergency issues that arise, your customers, employees and partners will get what they need with efficiently coordinated communication.